Autumn hillside.png
Autumn hillside.png


Planet. People. Profits.

We believe businesses can do good and do well. This requires creativity and balanced solutions to adopt  a longer term perspective.  We do so by optimising the 3 Ps in our development approach : 


  • Planet - to be in harmony with the environment

  • People - to promote healthy lifestyles and engagement with the community 

  • Profits - to create value for our home owners 



In harmony with nature

We build homes that are generous and luxurious, at the same time, lean on material and energy wastage.  Here are some strategies we adopt to ensure our homes are designed and built in harmony with nature. 

  • Preserve the natural landscape

  • Design for energy efficiency 

  • Build to last


A key design approach is to preserve and accentuate the natural topography and features of the site, with the building nestled amidst nature.   

We pay close attention to building orientation, windows, ventilator, lighting and heating systems and use simple technical design principles and technology to reduce energy usage. 

To achieve a timeless design with durable build, luxury with efficiency, we combine generous layouts and luxurious finishings, with floor-to-ceiling thermal insulated windows within a robust concrete frame.

Yoga by the Pool
Yoga by the Pool


Healthy lifestyles. Engaged communities.

The health, happiness and well-being of the people in our community is our priority.  This includes the people who build, furnish and operate the developments, as well as the guests and home-owners who stay with us.  We aim to build a sustainable community that is mutually supportive, healthy and engaged.


We support local businesses, communities and jobs, and in so doing, are able to feature the fine quality of Japanese craftsmanship, such as Hinoki trim onsen bath tubs, Sapporo soft stone fireplaces and spoon cut wood floor trimmings manufactured in local factories. 

Wellness of our guests is central to our mission. We curate delectable food options and healthy activities that nourish our bodies and minds.  As we await international travel to resume, we continue to look into measures to ensure a clean and safe physical environment.

20200728 Onsen rendering.jpg
Luxury Mansion Interior


Value creation for home-owners

Spending where it counts.  As a company solely focused on Niseko developments, our overheads are lean.  Every dollar and effort is spent enhancing the property and guest experience. The boutique nature of the developments is deliberate to retain uniqueness and exclusiveness of each residence.  Our key objective is to create and preserve the asset value for our home owners.